Lidia Nistor - Reteneller, Skin IQ Inc Med Spa Founder

"Your 100% complete satisfaction is of the utmost importance.  Our goal is that every visit to Skin IQ is exciting and gratifying and that expectations are always met, if not exceeded." 

Located in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Skin IQ is the premier medspa destination for men and women seeking advanced individualized skincare, in a very private environment, and using the latest in skincare rejuvenation therapies to slow the pace of aging and enhance natural beauty.


Lidia Nistor-Reteneller founded Skin IQ in August of 2006 with a mission to exceed client expectations through customized skincare using the best products and the most effective advanced therapies. This approach— that every client’s set of needs and issues is unique and deserves a personalized treatment— is the hallmark of her brand.


Lidia's path to entrepreneurship started just after college graduation in Bucharest, Romania in 1995. Upon completing the requirements for a Physician's Assistant degree, she accepted a position with the Ritz-Carlton Hotels in Dubai in 1998. Selected for the luxury hotel’s corporate management training program, she relocated to Atlanta (then the Ritz-Carlton headquarters) in year 2000.


It was on a skin care consultation for her wedding that Lidia discovered a new vocational passion: medical skin care. Lidia graduated in 2002 from the International School of Esthetics which led to an apprenticeship with the prominent Dr. Jean Chapman.


In 2006, she launched Skin IQ Med Spa. The newest West Buckhead location expands on her Med Spa offerings and on her dream of a retail store, French Pharmacy-like format, making available the most progressive, unique and trusted skincare products in a friendly, pressure-free environment.